Welcome to AllGreek2Me.com

This website is primarily aimed at a revision aid for me as I type up notes taken at my Greek evening class. However, I have also use it to post information about social events to do with Greek and links to useful sites and services as I come across them.

I know that George, our Greek teacher, has encouraged students from other classes to look at this site and if you are one of those people, or indeed just another interested browser who has happened upon it, welcome to you too.

Please be aware that I am a student of Greek (and by no means a particularly good one) and so I give no guarentee that any of the information contained in the website is gospel. I welcome anyone pointing out mistakes so I can try to make it as accurate as possible, or emails to ask questions, which I will do my very best to answer.

Please also note, that these pages are copywrite to myself and although I am happy for anyone to read, print or use in any other way to help their personal learning of the Greek language, I do not consent to it being re-published in any other form. Feel free to pass on the web address or indeed link to the site from your own websites, but please do not just copy chunks for distribution without my permission. I am likely to give that permission but it is polite to ask first.

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