The Colours - Τα Χρώματα

The table below shows the Greek words for the colour with the different endings representing there use for the different gender of noun that they describe. The order of the endings are: neuter, female, male. Hence "a white house" is "ενα άσπρο σπίτι" (ΕΝΑ ΑΣΠΡΟ ΣΠΙΤΙ) as the Greek for house (σπίτι) is neuter but "a white door" is "μια άσπρη πόρτα" (ΜΙΑ ΑΣΠΡΗ ΠΟΡΤΑ) as the Greek for door (πόρτα) is female.
Upper Lower English
ΚΟΚΚΙΝ(Ο/Η/ΟΣ) κόκκιν(ο/η/ος) Red
ΑΣΠΡ(Ο/Η/ΟΣ) άσπρ(ο/η/ος) White
ΛΕΥΚ(Ο/Η/ΟΣ) λευκ(ό/ή/ός) White
ΚΙΤΡΙΝ(Ο/Η/ΟΣ) κίτριν(ο/η/ος) Yellow
ΜΑΥΡ(Ο/Η/ΟΣ) μάυρ(ο/η/ος) Black
ΠΡΑΣΙΝ(Ο/Η/ΟΣ) πράσιν(ο/η/ος) Green
ΧΡΥΣ(Ο/Η/ΟΣ) χρυσ(ό/ή/ός) Gold
ΑΣΗΜΕΝΙ(Ο/Α/ΟΣ) ασημένι(ο/α/ος) Silver
ΠΟΡΤΟΚΑΛ(Ι/IΑ/ΗΣ) πορτοκαλ(ί/ιά/ής) Orange
ΚΑΦ(Ε/ΕΤΙΑ/ΕΤΗΣ) καφ(έ/έτια/έτης) Brown
ΜΟΒ μόβ Purple
ΜΠΛΕ μπλέ Blue
ΓΚΡΥ γκρύ Grey
ΡΟΖ ρόζ Pink

ΑΣΗΜΙ/ασημί also means Silver but this is the noun and hence is always neuter