Following are various words and phrases associated with the popular topic of Wine.

One word that can be confusing is that for Cellar. If you look up in the dictionary there are 3 different words that could be given to indicate a cellar. Those words are κάβα/ΚΑΒΑ given as "wine cellar", υπόγειο/ΥΠΟΓΕΙΟ as just a normal "cellar" (i.e. a general word for the floor below ground level), and κελλάρι/ΚΕΛΛΑΡΙ which is often defined in the dictionary as a larder.
My thanks go to Tetina of Athens from the Greek Forum for explaining the useage of these three words in the example here:

We have a great sellection (κάβα) of wines. Most of them are kept in the cellar (κελλάρι) for years in order to mature properly. My ancestors build it in the basement (υπόγειο) to protect them from the sun and the air.

English Lowercase Uppercase
Wine (Formal term) ο οίνος Ο ΟΙΝΟΣ
Wine (Everyday word) το κρασί ΤΟ ΚΡΑΣΙ
White λέυκο ΛΕΥΚΟ
Dry ξηρό ΞΗΡΟ
Sweet γλυκό ΓΛΥΚΟ
Sparkling αεριούχο ΑΕΡΙΟΥΧΟ
Froth ο αφρώδης Ο ΑΦΡΩΔΗΣ
Wine Cellar το κελλάρι ΤΟ ΚΕΛΛΑΡΙ
Winery η οινοποίια Η ΟΙΝΟΠΟΙΙΑ
Corkscrew το ανοιχτίρι ΤΟ ΑΝΟΙΧΤΙΡΙ
Cork ο φελός Ο ΦΕΛΟΣ
Wine from the Barrel βαρελίσιο κρασί ΒΑΡΕΛΙΣΙΟ ΚΡΑΣΙ
House Wine χύμα κρασί ΧΥΜΑ ΚΡΑΣΙ
Local Wine ντόπιο κρασί ΝΤΟΠΙΟ ΚΡΑΣΙ
Vintage Wine κρασί καλής χρονιάς ΚΡΑΣΙ ΚΑΛΗΣ ΧΡΟΝΙΑΣ
The wine is bad/off το κρασί είναι χαλασμένο ΤΟ ΚΡΑΣΙ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΧΑΛΑΣΜΕΝΟ