Uses of ΚΑΙ

We familiar with the use of και/ΚΑΙ to mean "and" in Greek, but this small word has a variety of other uses. Note that the spelling and pronounciation differs when the word is in front of a vowel sound and becomes just κι'/ΚΙ'.


In this context is και/ΚΑΙ used to denote something in addition to what already is, as shown in the examples below.

English Lowercase Uppercase
Maria came too ήρθε κι' η Μαρία ΗΡΘΕ ΚΙ' Η ΜΑΡΙΑ
I want [one] too θέλω κι' εγώ ΘΕΛΩ ΚΙ' ΕΓΩ
It rained here too είχαμε κι' εδό βρόχες ΕΙΧΑΜΕ ΚΙ' ΕΔΟ ΒΡΟΧΕΣ


και/ΚΑΙ here is used to indicate you are refering to not just one of an item.

English Lowercase Uppercase
Both of the children και τα δύο παιδία ΚΑΙ ΤΑ ΔΥΟ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ
I want both [of the two] θέλω κι' απο τα δύο ΘΕΛΩ ΚΙ' ΑΠΟ ΤΑ ΔΥΟ
I see all three of the dogs βλέπω και τα τρία σκύλοι ΒΛΕΠΩ ΚΑΙ ΤΑ ΤΡΙΑ ΣΚΥΛΟΙ

In Excess

With both time and numbered items και/ΚΑΙ can be used to show that something has gone beyond a certain point

English Lowercase Uppercase
He is over 30 είναι τριάντε και ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΡΙΑΝΤΕ ΚΑΙ
It's gone 2 o'clock είναι δύο και ΕΙΝΑΙ ΔΥΟ ΚΑΙ

Other Uses

A couple of more idiosyncratic uses are:

English Lowercase Uppercase
There will be just us θα είμαστε εμείς κι' εμείς ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΡΙΑΝΤΕ ΚΑΙ
So what? (whatever!) ε, και Ε, ΚΑΙ
They are one by one (i.e. hand picked/the best ones)1 είναι ενας κι' ενας ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΝΑΣ ΚΙ' ΕΝΑΣ