Politics and Flowers

If you're keen on trying some political discussion in Greek, here's a few words and phrases you will need. There are three main parties in Greece:

English Lowercase Uppercase
New Democratic νεα δημόκρατια ΝΕΑ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ
Panhellenic Socialist Movement πανελλήνιο σοσιαλιστικό κίνημα1 ΠΑΝΕΛΛΗΝΙΟ ΣΟΣΙΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΚΙΝΗΜΑ
Communist Party of Greece κουμουνιστικό κόμα ελλάδας ΚΟΥΜΟΥΝΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΚΟΜΑ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ

To ask someone if they are more right wing or left wing, in Greek you simply ask if they are right or left. Similarly to answer you would just say είμαι αριστερός/ΕΙΜΑΙ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΡΟΣ if you were male (or είμαι αριστερά/ΕΙΜΑΙ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΡΑ if you are female) to indicate you were supported the left wing.

Other vocabulary:

English Lowercase Uppercase
Elections εκλογές ΕΚΛΟΓΕΣ
to Vote ψηφίζω ΨΗΦΙΖΩ
Who do you vote for? [lit: how do you vote?] τι ψηφιζεις; ΤΙ ΨΗΦΙΖΕΙΣ;
President προέδρος δημοκράτιας ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟΣ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑΣ
Prime Minister προθυπουργός ΠΡΟΘΥΠΟΥΡΓΟΣ
Minister υπουργός ΥΠΟΥΡΓΟΣ
The Government κυβέρνηση ΚΥΒΕΡΝΗΣΗ
to Rule/Govern κυβερνώ ΚΥΒΕΡΝΩ


This isn't anything to do with politics really, but it was a few bits of vocabulary we went over in the same lesson that doesn't really warrent it's own topic:

English Lowercase Uppercase
Flower λογλούδι ΛΟΥΛΟΥΔΙ
Bouquet μπουκέτο ΜΠΟΥΚΕΤΟ
Roses τριαντάφυλλα ΤΡΙΑΝΤΑΦΥΛΛΑ
Florist ανθοπολείο ΑΝΘΟΠΟΛΕΙΟ
  1. This is abbreviated to ΠΑΣΟΚ