Follow this lane as far as it goes ignoring any turnings until eventually it will turn into a more rural path just beyond the turn off for 'Cape North West'
Continue along the path which ends at the entrance to another property, but you can take a turn off into the trees just before the gates on the left.
The forest trail rises ups little before turning right to run alongside the property and you follow it along until it eventually ends at a road with a tree in the road as a sort of roundabout
Turn right here going down hill and in a few dozen paces the road goes left, along behind one building and then right again to run up between tomato and pepper plantations.
The road snakes it's way along past villas and after bearing left at a fork comes to a crossroads where you make a left turn.
Concrete Bridge
Road turns into a path
Starting out from the Tango club, head along the beach towards the harbour end until you cross a small concrete bridge and then turn immediately right up the lane there
Again just follow the road past the Mango Club on the right , and a mini market further on the left, and once you pass the Dimas apartments on the right look out for the sign on your right that points up the turning for Anthousa Castle.
Path on left before this gate
Path ends on this road
Fork in road
Apartments just before turn off
Sign post at the turn off
Follow the road up through olive groves. At another fork, ignore the left down hill turn (however tempting 'down' is) and continue uphill as the road curve up to the right.
Nets in the Olive groves
Take this turning and the road starts to climb up hill and you leave the buildings behind. It quickly joins up with another road where you continue onwards bearing left as it joins.
As you go round the curve the road will start to go down hill for a while and you have great views of the Castle on the hill to your left.
View of Anthousa castle
At the lowest point the road comes to a railing on the left and a ruined building on the right before it starts to rise again.
Not much further upwards and just past another ruined building on the left you come to a T junction where you turn left.
Turn left just past this ruin
The watermill
Following straight on in a short while you arrive at the watermill which is a good place to pause now that they have opened a little bar here for a drink over the shade of the trees.
Bar at the watermill and bridge
Leaving the mill, carry on along the road over the bridge and climb up the road with the water on your right
A few paces beyond this turn on the right you should see a signpost that points onwards for the road to the castle, but down a small track off to the right to walk to Anthousa and the castle.
When you go round a hairpin bend turn right at the next junction where there is a sign for the castle on the corner
Turn right here
At the turning off on the track
After about 100 paces you come to a fork in the path. Ahead you can see the main path on the left start to climb concrete steps and this goes on to Anthousa, but if you want to take a short detour to the waterfall, follow the right hand path which will lead you down a little then a few steps climb over and round a large rock .
Left to Anthousa, right to waterfall
Continues on through terracing and past a wooden hand rail until it emerges on a small rock shelf with a view over the pool that the waterfall plunges into.
Return back to the fork to head onwards to Anthousa, an climb the concrete steps that snake upwards through the countryside until you go past buildings again and it meets a road.
The concrete steps
Turn right on the road and follow this upwards into the village.
Turn right on the road
You come to a large white walled 'island' in the road where if you want to continue on to the castle go left round this and you should see a sign pointing onwards for Anthousa Castle.
The white walled island
Or go right at the island and come out near the main through road from Parga.
The corner of the main Parga road
The walk from Valtos to Anthousa