(for use in Inkarnate)

Licence for use:
These stamps are made using original Inkarnate artwork and although they form miniture 'maps' in themselves givening me the right under their usage policy to share them, it was not how their policy was intended to work. However I hold the rights to the final compositions and as such can define my own terms of use for them, so in keeping with Inkarnate's policy, you are required to observe the following rules of use if you download these images:
1) The images are only for use with the
Inkarnate software as a stamp. I do not give rights for use for any other purposes
2) They may not be sold at all, unless part of a map created in
Inkarnate under a pro licence.

Ship Yard

Naval HQ
Chariot racing circus

Swing Bridge
Aquaduct 1
Aquaduct 2

Bricked up Arch 1

Bricked up Arch 1

Dwarf Bridge
Re-coloured Stone Docks
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