NEW - Verb Database
Click on the link above for a lookup database to translate english verbs into Greek.

Download the whole Greek Year 1 & 2 notes as an adobe acrobat document for easy printing by clicking the link below:
Greek Year 1 - 18102007.pdf
Greek Year 2 - 23102008.pdf
- spelling and formatting corrections made since the previous (29 Sept) version.
Greek Year 3 - 06102009.pdf

Adobe Acrobat software to read the above document can be found and downloaded for free from here:

Other Greek Links:

Info site about Parga -
Setting up a Greek Keyboard on Windows XP
Keyboard Stickers by LatKey for the Greek Character set
A History of Pronunciation
Earworms Greek learning CD
Using the SYMBOL font to type Greek on a PC
Kaminaki's Greek Taverna in Stockton

Car Rental

George has passed on the details for the car rental company he recommends. If you mention George (Kiriakou) when booking then they should be able to give you a good deal:

Antonis Chatzinikolaou
Managing Director
Auto Europe car rental
Tel: +30 210 93 19 682
Fax: +30 210 93 19 862
Mobile: +30 6934 885535
57, Evridamantos Str. ATHENS

George has said they can provide rentals throughout Greece so give them a go.
Be aware however that it will be difficult for them to offer any extra discount during the peak season of July and August.